Smart Java Tests Execution Orchestration From Web

The idea of Bali server is to take any java tests execution orchestration to web offering multi-threaded engine
with shared resources pool mechanism within one JVM
Historicaly solution was developed to get maximum of speeded up multi-threaded selenium tests execution using browsers resources pool, but as result was adopted for wide range of such class tasks.
Do your test automation smart, effective and happy

What Bali brings to your execution process implementation in compare with CI based
Use one of already elaborated plugins for JUnit, JavaMain, TestNG, Cucumber. Implement custom one. Create your own runnable items tree views.
View execution online in details: threads, resources, timings. control execution: cancel, rerun, pause, stop just from click on test. Šccess error, metric, capture reports.
Design custom resources and factorties. Use pools objects in test on runtime, view & manage pools content from web, initialize in parallel.
Primary idea is to let program do all routine sorting, analyse job for You
and provide effective view for smart browsing of asserts information.

Our approach
Multi-threaded tests execution according to resources limitation
The simplest way to start
community Version
90 MB standalone pack.

and configure
Modify properties files to match you directories.
Takes around 5 minutes.
demo project
Enjoy usabilty and new approach.
Demo project is starting ground for your personal one.

Reach new attitute!
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